Malibu Wine Safari at Saddlerock Ranch

Throughout our lives we take mental pictures. Moments that we will never forget. These moments are sometimes bad and sometimes wonderful. We flashback from time to time and relive them, relive the feelings associated with these moments.

This weekend I made one of those moments with my husband. The peace and quiet, the sun creeping out of the clouds, sitting on a tree swing while breathing in the fresh after rain air. Connected with one another and nature as we watched Stanley the giraffe eat his lettuce.

As parents we spend most of our time with our children. Every breath we take is to make their life the best we can. Our relationship as husband and wife is put to the side and all of our focus given to them. So when Saddlerock Ranch offered to host us for one of the Wine Safari tours, I knew it was going to be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my husband and nurture us.

The choices for tours were fantastic, there was a fit for every budget and each tour offered something a little different from the other. We choice to take the giraffe tour which included feeding time with Stanley, a drive in an open air truck around the property and tasting 6 wines from local vineyards.

Our tour guides were Cameron and Cindy. They were both so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They made the tour that much more enjoyable with their quirky jokes and wonderful stories. You could tell that they really love their jobs and take pride in what they do.

The animals throughout the park were exotic and selfie friendly, well most of them. We were able to feed them and get up close and personal with them, something that is so rare, even at local zoo’s. Even though he wasn’t so exotic, our favorite selfie partner was a little horse that kept the alpaca’s company. He followed us along the fence and welcomed all of our pictures and rubs.

While feeding all of these well named beasts, we had one of the locally grown wines in our hands. All of which were different in taste but naturally delicious. The landscape added that extra sparkle to our tasting because of its beauty and uniqueness. There was plenty of historical stories to go with the property that were interesting and intriguing.

The highlight of the tour was getting to pet and feed Stanley the giraffe, who is famous for his role in Hangover 3. You never really understand how tall a giraffe is until you stand at his feet and look up. He was so majestic, kind and hungry. After taking our turn at feeding Stanly, we took our chances on a tree swing and took our mental picture of everything around us, including each other.

From the wine, to the staff and the animals, Malibu Wine Safari is an adventure you can’t afford to miss out on. The unique mix of wine and exotic animals makes the excitement and romance one in the same. I feel so honored that I was able to take this tour and live this experience. This date day will never be forgotten.

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