A Day in Yosemite National Park

Although all National Parks are gorgeous in their own right, I have been to Yosemite a handful of times because of its diverse landscape. Last autumn we took our children there and although the waterfalls were dry because of the drought in California, we found many other adventures to be had.

We made sure to stop at all the photo op’s including this one which features the famous half dome that is climbed by many every year.


When it is time to stop for lunch, I suggest packing a picnic and taking in the fresh air. They have many beautiful picnic areas along your drive through the park which also have tables, trash cans and restrooms. Just check out our lunch time view in this picture.

yosemite picnic

Yosemite isn’t just about scenery, they have wild life too! What animal wouldn’t want to live among this beauty? We saw plenty of birds and rabbits but the deer was the kids favorite and they were everywhere. One actually almost hit our car as it ran out into the street, so don’t ignore the watch for animals signs.wild life

As you make your drive through Yosemite, which is long and curvy, the scenery will change from forest to granite and then back to forest. It is truly an amazing drive, one can only imagine what the first settlers would have thought when coming through the area.


There are plenty of places to camp and hike, but that is not my thing. They also have a few resorts that you can stay at which are located inside the park. When planning your trip to Yosemite, make sure to check their website for area closures. Since the park gets a tremendous amount of snow, portions of the park are seasonal.

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