A New Beginning

There has been so much stress and anxiety over what my first blog post would be about, I have so many lists of things I want to write about but which one would I choose to debut as the first one? Do I start with a home school post, a travel post, a lifestyle post or just something funny? I decided to write about why I have begun Shining Thoughts Blog, because I’m sure you all would like to know why it began, right?

When we had our first child, the decision was made that I would quit my job and be a stay at home mom. I wasn’t sure if this was going to serve my best interest but I knew it was best for our child. I had my hands full and couldn’t imagine going back to work, then 9 months later God surprised us with another blessing, we were pregnant with our second child. I knew now that there was no going back to work. So after getting our routine established in being a family of four I started looking for things to do at home, ways to make money. Being a single family income home in today’s society is near impossible and we were barely making it work. We were making sacrifices every where just to make sure our children were home with me.

I sold items on Ebay, Etsy, Instagram and nothing really took off. A couple and I mean only a couple of dollars later, I decided that wasn’t the best route to go. My friend had started selling nail wraps and she sold me on becoming a consultant. It was fun, I was making a ton of new friends, hosting parties online, always having an on point manicure but my list of supporters was short. I  had the initial purchases from a few friends and family and then as quickly as it started, it was over.  I really enjoyed the concept but maybe my friends and family were not into having pretty nails. So I started as a consultant for Perfectly Posh feeling that pampering products were better suited for a group of ladies to enjoy because everyone has to pamper every once in a while. I LOVE the products, legit, some of the best products I have ever used and my excitement was apparent when I spoke about it. Once again the support was limited and I was devastated. I was at home with my children, doing my best to help my family any way that I could and I was hitting a wall. It completely irked me when friends would post photos of their large bundles of pampering goodies from stores in the mall and I would ask them to try my products, only for them to say they don’t have time to pamper. I really saw who my big supporters were.

Still in need to find a way to make an income at home. I prayed on it for weeks, months, and  It came to me.  I guess it had never really crossed my mind but it was a genius idea! I love to talk, write, share. Why not start a blog, the things that I could share would only help others shine and find their way through this crazy thing called life. So here we are, on my blog (hold the applause) Shining Thoughts, I am beginning my new journey and bringing y’all with me. So enjoy, read and share, comment and find your way to shine!!

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