Buffalo Bill Center of the West- Cody Wyoming

Located a little over 50 miles from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park is Cody Wyoming. A town rich with history and beautiful scenery. Every building pridefully shows reminders of its towns namesake, Buffalo Bill Cody.

Within the town of Cody is a museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West. A museum whose outside appearance is just as beautiful as its contents within. As you walk into the museum the tall ceilings and spacious entrance allow you to take a deep breath of the history within the walls. The staff is there to greet you and help guide you as well as answer any questions you may have. You can also take a selfie with the man himself!

There are many rooms to tour through but my main goal was to make it through the Buffalo Bill Cody wing of the museum. I honestly could have spent an entire day reading every sign, admiring every picture and watching other visitors reactions. From Cody’s traveling tent to his coat, you could really grasp the adventurous life he led. I was especially excited to see Riverside, CA on the map of places he had performed.

There were also rooms that contained art, firearms and the plains Indians history. The collections were amazing to see. My children left there with inquisitive minds, asking questions they would have never thought of without being prompted by what they saw.

I have been to a lot of museums in my life and none have been as beautiful as this one. Displays bring you back to the era depicted, giving you that moment to live in history. Artifacts were so well-preserved and left you full of knowledge. Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum is a must see for everyone.

Plan your trip by visiting their website at https://centerofthewest.org/visit/

Special thanks to Nancy for allowing us to come in and experience the west as Buffalo Bill Cody knew it!

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  1. Looks like an amazing museum. Will have to go there in the future. Is there hotels in the town to stay in while visiting Yellowstone?

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