Choosing The Right Homeschool Program For You

I have recently kicked my butt into gear looking for the best homeschool route. My daughter will start kinder in August 2017 and most registrations begin in February. We have known all along that we were going to homeschool our children. That being said, there are many homeschool options to choose from.

First option homeschool parents have is to go rogue. You opt out of government assistance and you create your schooling all on your own. This requires a ton of work on the parent’s part. You will be making all of your own lesson plans, field trips, projects and you will be responsible to pay for all of your supplies out-of-pocket. Since your child will not be held accountable to anyone but you, there must be a rigorous schedule that you stick with.

Next option would be to homeschool but given assistance by the government. You find a program that you like and they will assign you a teacher to help you along the way. Money will be given to you in order to purchase all of your supplies and you will be responsible to write all of your own lesson plans. You will meet with the teacher once a month and show your child’s progress.

The option that we are leaning towards is a hybrid homeschool program. Your child attends a school 3 days a week and homeschools 2 days a week. Lesson plans are made by your child’s teacher and packets are sent home for your child to complete on their homeschooled days. This gives your child the opportunity to have a “normal” school experience but also work closely with you to direct their learning where it should be. You are not given any amount of money for your supplies because they are given to you by the teacher.

We have weighed out our options and even though I know I can do any of the above, my husband and I like that we can have the best of both worlds. Our child will not be held down by a child that is not as educated as our child. She will get the education she deserves and still be able to have the school experience with her peers. I will still be able to elaborate on the lesson given by the teacher and take her on field trips as a family and on scheduled school outings.

This has not been an easy choice. I shed lots of tears thinking about someone other than me teaching my child. In the end, weighing out pro’s and con’s, this is where we stand as of now. It could change before February but we are 80% on board for hybrid homeschool.

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  1. Very Interesting post! I have been thinking of homeschooling my child in the next school year. Still pondering and researching more but I like to learn from other moms who are able to do this. Thanks for this

    1. I think it is such a wonderful thing for children to be taught by their parents. Not only will they get an education that is tailored to them, they will be in the safety of your home.

    1. I was fortunate enough to be apart of a group conversation where they discussed the different options. The one we are looking at is a charter school for homeschool children.

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