Dejong’s Dairy, Wildomar California

In the growing town of Wildomar California sits a 40 acre dairy farm. A dairy farm that has been there since 1958 and is family owned and operated. This farm is Dejong’s dairy and has a steady stream of patrons no matter the time. Their milk is delicious and fresh, as are their eggs.


When you pull into the cash and carry market located at the front of the farm, you are greeted with the smell of cow. 100 Hulstein cows to be exact, but cows are not the only animal that calls Dejong’s dairy home. Goats, Pigs, Bunnies and more live in pens near the market. Spend 25 cents for a bag of feed to give the animals a snack as you walk around and laugh at their funny mannerisms.


There are tables and benches under the tree’s that you can enjoy your milk at while you watch the animals. Or take it to go and enjoy the freshest milk around with your dinner or breakfast. The many gallons of milk that leave this dairy daily, it’s a surprise they don’t run out by the end of day.

Dejong’s dairy sells 500 gallons of milk a day, that’s 3,500 gallons a week!!! Now that is a lot of milk. The milk is pulled from the utter and bottled right there on the farm. Dog, cat, pig, rabbit and bird feed is also sold at the dairy. This dairy is a local favorite and for some, the only place they will drink milk from. Make sure next time you are craving a good glass of milk, you get it from Dejong’s dairy.

For hours and directions, visit their website at and when you go, tell them sent you!

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