DIY Desk for under 60$

In our home, having kids means having no space to ourselves. So when I started my blog, I knew it would be hard to get any work done without taking back some space. The only space that came to mind was our master bedroom.

A bazillion ideas flowed through my mind but the biggest idea was a DIY desk. I wanted it to be cute, funky and one of a kind. I enlisted my husband who is the builder of the family and together we came up with a simple, inexpensive DIY desk that anyone could make. It has storage space, amazing functionality and only took a couple of hours to complete.


I will be giving you step by step directions on how we put mine together. Please feel free to use them to make your own. Add your own twist to it to show your personality just as I have.

Supply List

  • 4 Large wood crates that measure 12 by 18 inches, we purchased ours at Home Depot for around 10$ each but I know they have them at Joann’s, Lowee’s and Michael’s.
  • 1 Desk top, we used a white laminated wood, size 48 by 24 and 3/4 inch thick, which was 13$.
  • Your Choice of Paint for the Crates, 1$ at Walmart.
  • 2×4 piece of wood measuring 36 inches long costing 2$.
  • 6 inch and a half wood screws.
  • 4 three inch wood screws.
  • 8 one inch wood screws.
  • Screw Gun or Drill.
  • Level.
  • 8 white plastic screw caps.
  • Mollies, if you are putting it in a place where there is no studs in the wall.

Step One

Paint the four wood crates and the 2×4 in the color of your choice. I got my paint from Walmart for 1$. I chose to only paint the front of them an off white because I liked the look of the natural wood. You can also use wood stain which would look nice if you have other wood stained pieces in your home. Make sure they are dry and then move to step two.


Step Two

Lay out supplies in the space you will be putting the desk. If you must put the desk together in a different room than where it is going, make sure that your doorway is large enough to fit the desk through.  You will have to play with the wood crates to get your desired height. I placed my crates with one horizontally  on the bottom and one vertical on the top, which stacked up to be 36 inches high. Connect the wood crates using the 8 one inch wood screws by placing one in each corner, this will secure the two crates together. Make sure they are flush and square before securing. These are going to serve as your front legs of the desk. You will not have back legs, the back of the desk will essentially float on the 2×4.


Step Three

Secure your 2×4 on the bottom of your chosen desktop. Screw the 2×4 to the back edge of the desktop using two of your 3 inch screws. The 2×4 and desktop should be flush with one another.  Make sure it is centered, with 6 inches of desktop left on each side. You will not be able to see the 2×4 once the desk is secured to the wall.


Step Four

You will need a helper for this next step. Have your helper hold the desktop over the crates as you position them where you need them, make sure the desktop and the crates are flush on the front and sides. Using your inch and a half screws, connect the two together. We placed two each in the front corners and one each in the back outside corners of the crates. you could add more if desired but i wanted the cleanest look possible.


Step 5

Don’t let your helper go just yet. Now it’s time to get your desk squared and level. Find your studs in the wall, and position desk at your desired location. Have your helper hold the desk with a level while you crawl underneath to attach the 2×4 to the studs with your remaining 3 inch screws. Continue to check that your desktop is level before each screw, you definitely want your desk to be level.


Step 6

Place plastic screw caps on top screws for a more finished look. Step back and give yourself a pat on the back. Place your desktop items in and on your new desk and watch it come together. You now have a cute DIY desk that has lots of storage, lots of desk space and was made with your own two hands. The desk is sturdy and strong, you will never have to worry about it tipping over or breaking.


You can always add a cat for extra points. My little Penny cat loves the new desk and has claimed one of my crates as her own napping space. Since she is so cute, I will leave that area just for her! I just hope our other two cats don’t get any ideas because I don’t think I could sacrifice two more crate spaces!

I will be writing up where I purchased my desk chair and desk supplies on my post “creating my blog space.” So keep an eye out for that information! Comment below with your opinions of this desk design and if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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