Drab To Fab! A Mommy Makeover

I have always gone in highs and lows as far as my appearance, even more now that I am a stay at home mom. I will let myself go and then an event will happen that I need to look my best and its time for a reboot! It’s not the best thing I could do for myself but life gets busy with children and sometimes I just don’t have time. Tonight my husband and I get to go to an Angels Baseball Game and since we don’t get many nights out, I knew it was time to go from drab to fab.

I used Vidal Sassoon Vibrant Color to dye my hair. Reds are wonderful because they make my green eyes pop! I have not used this brand before but I can tell you the application process was very simple. The solution was not too runny but not very thick either. It was a quick 25 minutes, then in the shower to rinse, it came with conditioner but no shampoo so you will  have to plan accordingly. Make sure to use an old town to dry your hair off for the next few days because the color will continue to come off on your towel.


I have huge pores on my nose and chin so I used I’m Shrinking by Perfectly Posh and Biore Black Head Removers. They get rid of the funk growing in my pores. This is an amazing way to clean your pores. First apply I’m Shrinking to your problem areas, leave on for 3-5 minutes depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Follow up directly after washing your face with the black head removers. I always get so much debris on the removers that it makes me gag a little.


Next I wanted to make sure my nails were done. I’m not a huge fan of nail polish because of how quickly it chips and I really don’t have time to watch paint dry. So I use Jamberry nail wraps, I chose baseball ones, Lets go Angels!  Jamberry nail wraps are heat activated, for example a hair dryer or a rice bag, I use a Jamberry heater which I love the most because its hands free which makes for a quicker application process. Wash your nails with dish soap, pick which size nail you need for each finger, cut in half, apply heat to back of the nail wrap and apply to your nail, apply more heat. Let sit for a minute and use a nail file at a 45 degree angle to trim excess and boom you have a fresh set of nails that should last 1-2 weeks.


Now comes the make up. I have very sensitive eyes so it has always been hard for me to find make up that I can use without my eyes watering and turning red. I then discovered Avon make up. It is the only make up I can use with no side effects. There is so many choices for make up out there, most of it is crazy expensive and isn’t that great of quality. Avon has many choices and is very affordable.


The Results

Are you ready for the drab to fab results? After only a few hours of pampering on myself, I feel amazing and look pretty good too. I really should take more time for myself and I hope in the future I can but for now I will take my mini make overs. I will put a list below of where to get the products I used through my process, just copy and paste the links into your search bar. Please feel free to comment and share your own drab to fab make overs, we all need to refresh ourselves every once in a while!

Perfectly Posh- Im Shrinking-   PoshwithSheena.com

Avon- Make up-   Avon by Sheena

Jamberry- Nail Wraps-   https://cloggergirl.jamberry.com/us/en/

Walgreens- Biore Black Head Removers and Vidal Sassoon Hair Color


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  1. My kids are old and I still haven’t learned to take the time to pamper myself. I dye my hair because I have to. But I’m gonna have to buy some posh soon my Girls stole my Stripper, which I love. So I don’t know what would be good I do have alot of blackheads so maybe I’ll try that.

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