Fleece DIY Pet Bed- Easy Step by Step

Each Christmas I try to come up with a new gift idea for our kitties. After all, they are our family too and I would hate for them to feel left out when we are all unwrapping our gifts. All three of my cats love blankets and even though I don’t think that they will stop cuddling with us, they will love this bed for when we are not around. So let’s get to the directions.


What you will need:

  • 3/4 yard of fleece
  • A sharp pair of fabric scissors
  • stuffing

First thing you need to do is cut off the label portion of the fabric.


Next fold the fabric in half, hamburger style, not hot dog style. (Yes I used this with my students, it’s just a visual so you don’t fold it the wrong way) Cut along the crease. Now you should have two equal pieces of fleece.


The next part can be done a few ways. If you must have your lines perfect then you are going to want to get out your tape measure and a marker. You are going to want to measure out and put a dot at every inch and up 3-4 inches depending on how long you want your fringe, then cut. If you are not so crazy about straight lines, then you will eyeball it, cutting every inch.


The corners of your fabric will need to be cut out, I would suggest a 4×4 square, once again you can eyeball or measure. This just keeps your blanket square once you start tying your blanket fringe.


pulling-fringe-on-fleece-blanketNow you are going to tie your fringe on three sides plus some on your fourth side. Leave a section open to stuff your bed. You can do this a few ways as well. One was is to tie each fringe together, knotting it. The way that I chose to do it seemed to be quicker and left more of a finished look. You are going to want to flip both fringe up and cut a small slit through both at the same time. You will then feed the fringe through the top of the hole, make sure to pull it completely through locking it in place.


Now that you have made your way around, you are going to want to start stuffing. I did not put a ton of stuffing inside, just enough to make a soft spot for my kitties to lay. I personally think if you put too much stuffing it won’t be as cozy or as cute.


While I was making Penny her blanket, she decided to use it as a sleeping bag and as much as I wish I was awesome enough to figure out a sleeping bag version of this, but at this point I got nothing!


After you stuff your pet bed, finish knotting your remaining fringe and you are done, either wrap up and put it under the Christmas tree or let your pets enjoy it instantly!

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