Why You Need To Finish Your Christmas Shopping Now!

So it’s officially Labor Day, time to start the Christmas shopping. I mean I don’t understand why they haven’t started playing Christmas music on the radio yet and why there are no Christmas tree farms open.  Luckily for me, I have an iPod devoted to just Holiday music and we use a fake tree, so I’m good!

All jokes aside, this is the best time to start your Christmas shopping! I use to be the woman running out on Christmas Eve to get last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Fighting my way through crowds of un jolly humans that completely destroy my my spirit and then spend the whole night wrapping gifts and being Santa. By morning I would give anything for it to be summer time and to have a huge margarita in my hand.

Christmas is suppose to be fun, a time to make memories and enjoy yourself. Why would I or you wait till Christmas Eve or even Black Friday to start your shopping? Most of us have a set list of people that we purchase gifts for. Make a list of those people and leave space to write ideas on what you want to get them. Once you have purchased their gift(s), make note of what it is and move on to your next person.

I am always out for the best deals, which takes time and work. Once I have my list of items I need to buy, I start watching online sales. Some may find it fun walking down the aisles but I prefer my comfortable chair while sipping on my coffee.

The best place to get amazing deals is Amazon.  One of the advantages of shopping on Amazon is being able to add items to your cart and then save them for later. This allows you to monitor the prices for these items, believe it or not they fluctuate often. Once the item in your cart is down to the amount you were shooting for, add it to your cart and check out.

Another advantage of shopping Amazon is 2 day shipping for Prime members. Subscribing to prime is a must if you do any online shopping, especially during the holidays.  Some items even allow for same day shipping. If you are one to mail gifts to out of town relatives, choose their present on Amazon and have it sent to them for FREE with Prime! You can even have most items gift wrapped for a small fee. I don’t know how many of you have ever tried to mail a package at the post office but most the time the shipping cost more then the item you are sending!!!

I would say 90% of my Christmas gifts are purchased on Amazon but I also have ventured into the Walmart online shopping circle. Walmart may have a bad name for not having the highest of class patrons but I must say the deals are pretty dang amazing! You can always compare Amazon and Walmart for best prices on items and if you spend over 50$ at Walmart you get free shipping.
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Most places like to tell you that they have the best deals on Black Fridays but folks this just isn’t the case. Most items are limited quantities which means you probably won’t get it. The last few years I have had almost all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving and looking at the black Friday deals, I received a better deal or just as good of a deal as they offer Black Friday.

So do yourself and your family a favor, start your shopping now, get it done before the chaos starts and enjoy the holidays with your families. No matter what you get them, 10 years from now they won’t remember it but they will remember the memories made with you and the laughs you shared.

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  1. Yes, I always say I’m gonna start my Christmas shopping in September but then it gets put off for a little bit them it’s Halloween and I still haven’t done any shopping. Possibly I might have one present by thanksgiving but with all the chaos of the holidays and of coarse we are a crafty family so shopping always gets put off and then holy crap, I realize I only have two weeks til Christmas. That’s seems to be me every year.

    1. Ha Ha you just have to set a day to do it! I already have my list going. It is easier when shopping for the little ones though, I can imagine its harder with older kids. I have faith in you, you can do it this year lol

  2. Was just telling the wife the other day that Christmas creeps up on us fast and that we need to start shopping earlier every year. Of course we don’t but.. the thought is there. Good tips about Amazon and Walmart btw. 🙂

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