Glo have fun! Glo Mini Golf Riverside Ca

When you are born and raised in Riverside California, you take pride in knowing all of the spots to go when you want something to do. Little did I know I have been missing out on a true gem.

Located on the outside of the Riverside Tyler Mall is Glo Mini Golf, an indoor mini golf space. Among mini golf, you can play arcade games, rent an Xbox and have fun with a little virtual reality. There is also an ice cream and snack bar on the top floor.

When checking in for golf, you are able to pick a color golf ball that of course is neon and your club that is as well a neon color. 12$ for 27 holes is a wonderful price, especially when you get the added experience of it being in the dark! You also have the option of getting 3D glasses to wear during your golf game for a small 2$ fee.

After getting our golf necessities, we headed to our first golf hole. The 3D glasses were awesome. The floor popped under our feet, the wall seemed to be moving and our putt appeared to be perfect! Mini golfing with a 3 & 5-year-old is not the easiest, especially when you are also golfing with a very competitive husband, but watching them all laugh and jump with excitement when they got a ball  in the hole was priceless.

Most of the holes were dedicated to another portion of the world. It was fun guessing the landmark used and where it was from. The walls were adorned with amazing artwork, painted in bright colors so that they too would pop in the black lights. Although the holes were not very challenging, they were exactly perfect for the space.

After our round of mini golf, we tried out some arcade games. All of the games cost a minimal amount, compared to other arcades. Games were geared towards all ages, some for smaller children and some for the older crowd. They were all very generous with tickets and the prizes were great.

Since you are going to want to go back to Glo Mini Golf over and over again, you might want to pick up some of their Glo merchandise to wear around town or next time you stop by for a round of golf or an arcade game or two!

Overall I have to say this was one of the funnest things we have done in Riverside lately and I definitely suggest you all check it out! Head to their website and plan your trip to Glo Mini Golf!

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