Halloween Front Porch Decor DIY

Every year I try to come up with a new way to decorate my entry for Halloween. In our neighborhood there is always a lot of trick or treaters and I love to see their faces when they come upon my porch.

I of course put my fall 4$ DIY wreath on my front door, which looks amazing. I also have two barrel planters on each side of my door that we’re going to need some attention. Last year I had put these beautiful mums in them but since I have no green thumb, they died shortly after. So this year I went for something that was already dead, twigs!


Pulling the twigs from a nearby tree, I was able to make two new “trees” in my barrels. The hardest part of it was keeping the twigs from breaking as I pushed them into the dirt. I had to add some water to soften the soil. Then it was time to decorate them, which is the fun part! I chose to use yarn pom pom’s, fake spider webs draped across, a few black spider rings and pre cut pumpkins. I have a pom pom maker that I purchased on Amazon, but there are plenty of YouTube videos on how to make them using supplies you have at home. The spider webs and spider rings were purchased at the Dollar Tree and the pre cut pumpkins I have had for so many years that I don’t recall where I got them but I know they sale them at most craft stores.


Next I wanted to fill the remaining corner space with a scarecrow, because who doesn’t love scarecrows, and one of other projects previously featured. Who remembers our wood plank DIY decoration that I made and posted the how too? I feel that the more you add, the better. So I will be adding more as time goes on and I make more decorations.


Finished up with more fake spider webs and lots of them! I am loving this year’s front porch so far. Want to make our 4$ wreath or our wood plank decoration just click the link and get to crafting! Make sure to subscribe to our Blog so that you don’t miss any of our upcoming post’s!img_7050


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