Halloween Playdate – A Spooktacular Event

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My friends and I recently drew holiday themes for some upcoming play dates we have planned. I was lucky enough to pick Halloween, which is an amazing theme to have! I have so many ideas running through my head that I have to get them out!

As a group, my mommy friends and I decided that this play date would include the daddy’s as well. I always love having my husband with me so I was glad that the other mom’s felt the same way! So through all of my plans, I have considered the children, mommy’s and daddy’s needs.


My first thought was to have mummy hot dogs for main course. Then my daughter put me in check and let me know that we will be having chicken strips. I am ok with that because our local grocery store has delicious chicken and it means we don’t have to start up the grill and cook. That also means more time to visit and have fun! With the chicken I will sit out a vegetable tray, a fruit tray and individual bags of chips.

Drinks will be fruit boxes of some kind for the kids, beer for the daddy’s and spooky sangria for the mom’s. Also we will have plenty of water bottles to go around.

Dessert, which is by far my favorite part of a meal, will be spooktacular. Cupcakes that look like monsters. Cookies that are filled with worms and apples to dip in every topping you can imagine! Also lets not forget the candy which will be put in dishes around the house.


We have one of those personal bounce houses, Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer, that we will be setting up for the kids to jump in. For games my children chose a Halloween inflatable Spider ring toss game + free pin pumpkin game. I will also be making ice cubes with Fun Express Plastic Halloween Spiders Party Favor – 144 Pieces in them, first adult and first child to melt theirs down enough to get their spider out will win a prize!



I would love to say that I am going to be putting all of the crafts together on my own but there are so many amazing options online that I am going for the simple route and buying the kits premade. The crafts I chose are easy for all ages because we will have 2-7 year olds participating in them. First one I chose are Make A Pumpkin Stickers (1 DOZEN) – BULK because they are easy, won’t make a mess and are definitely refrigerator worthy. Next craft I chose was magnets to go along with our pumpkin pictures! Halloween Magnets Craft Kit (1 Dozen) are spooky and simple as well as a no mess craft.  You can see my theme here can’t you? No mess!!



We have our normal inflatables in the front yard and Super Stretch Spider Web – 16 Foot around the front door but the real deal is inside! Target has some awesome decorations for an affordable price, I got this Trick or Treat sign for 3$, wow right? It can be hung up but I’m going to sit mine on the table with the food to add to the decor. 5.5ft Orange & Black Polka Dot Happy Halloween Banner is super cute and very affordable, so I purchased 2! Caution Haunted Party Tape Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg) for the front door and bathroom door. I am sure I will be picking up other items along the way but these are my purchases so far.


I seriously cannot wait to have this play date with our friends and their children. It is going to be just spooky enough to be halloween but not too scary to send the kids running. As I get more items I will be adding them to this blog and of course when the playdate is over, I will post pictures of the final look. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the know for all our amazing posts!


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