Home School Field Trips

Most kids do better using the hands on approach to learning, so the more you can get your child out to learn, the better. When making my lesson plans, I choose a theme for the week. For example, Oceans, Space, Farm, Transportation and more. With each theme I find a local place I can take the children to have the hands on learning experience that corresponds to that theme. Living in southern California, I have many choices of field trip venues but the list I have compiled is generic enough that most towns should have something similar.

  1. Aquariums
  2. Space Museum/Observatory
  3. Farm/Dairy
  4. Train Station/Train Ride
  5. Police/ Fire Station
  6. Nature Hike
  7. Factory
  8. Bakery
  9. Zoo
  10. Pet Store

All of these locations have worlds of knowledge that the kids will not soon forget. I suggest a small scrap book that the kids can put pictures from their adventure and write what they learned as well as their favorite memory. Keep an eye out for my lesson planning blog to see how to incorporate these field trips into your plan and activities leading up to the big day!

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