Mommy Is Living the Dream- Says Daddy

Quite frequently my husband feels it’s necessary to tell me that I am “living the dream”. According to him, being a stay at home mom means that I get to wake up when I want, go anywhere I want, watch TV all day and play with toys. I usually laugh it off and continue with my long list of things that I must do on top of my other long list of things, oh and did I mention we have two toddlers I must tend to as well?

This morning my husband awoke after he pushed snooze numerous times, used the restroom, got dressed, made lunch, checked Facebook and then headed out to start his work day. I am sure that he was able to listen to the music he likes or that horrible talk radio. He then was able to do his job, uninterrupted, for 4 hours. Eat his lunch while talking to other grown ups and then work another 4 uninterrupted hours. While driving home he was able to make phone calls, play his music and take a detour to Home Depot just to glance and see if there were any new tools he MUST have. Not long after he got home from work, he was able to sit on his phone and play games, look up sports scores and check in on Facebook, all while having his feet up in the comfort of MY recliner.

This morning, moments after my husband had pulled out of the driveway, my son came in to tell me that he had pooped. As I was changing his diaper, my daughter came in and told me she had to poop. I got out of bed to throw away a disgustingly fresh poop diaper and I stepped in cat poop. After getting everyone, including my poor foot, cleaned up and ready to start the day, I made the kids breakfast, fed the 3 cats and fed the fish, both tanks full. When I finally thought I had a moment to call my mother, I went to find my cell phone, only to find out I had not charged it through the night and it was in fact dead.

With it being such a beautiful day outside I decided we would go for a little drive and get me  a Starbucks. Informing the children of our plans, my daughter started to cry, letting me know that I can’t leave without her because she wants a vanilla bean but has to get her Mia, pink horse, curly blanket, all of her mermaids, her Sophia hot air balloon, all of her Sophia toys and her necklaces. This then causes her brother to go into panic mode and he starts crying, screaming at me to not leave his sissy and to wait so he can get all of his trains, his blaze cars and his water cup. Keep in mind, I have never once left my children anywhere, so where they get the idea that I would even step foot out of my home without them is beyond me.

Once we make it into the garage, the tears stop and the fighting begins. My son wants to be put in his car seat first but my daughter does as well. After I get them settled and I start the car my daughter drops her Mia and I HAVE to get it or she and Mia will be sad for the rest of their lives. My son then drops his bucket of trains purposely on the floor of the car so he can be just like his sissy, telling me that I HAVE to get his trains or he as well will be sad for the rest of his life.

My backseat drivers holler directions of “this way” “that way” “you’re going the wrong way” “turn right” “turn left” until I find myself in the drive thru. I start to place my order and both of my children begin chanting “Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bean” and all I can do is hope that the barista was able to hear my actual drink order. When i’m handed my frappuccino, my children once again begin to cry, sob even because I did not order them a vanilla bean.

After an impromptu trip to the store is thankfully over, I am able to head home. Before we even pull in the driveway my daughter is informing me that there is no way she is going to be able to carry all of these toys and stuffed animals she brought, so she is going to need me to take it in for her. Ditto for brother. Hands full of groceries, kids toys, Starbucks and my purse, I walk into the house and straight through a big puddle. My son informs me it’s pee and he just couldn’t make it to the toilet.  

My day continues following the same pattern as most my days do. Every one of my days brings a new challenge, that is expected as a mom. This may not be my exact dream but my husband is right, I am living the dream. Maybe not the dream he thinks I’m living in, but the kind of dream that some will never have the opportunity to live in. I can tell you every moment of my children’s day and have been able to since day one. Every milestone, every tear, every laugh and every lesson has been experienced with me by their side. It’s not always glamorous, sometimes it downright sucks, but it’s always worth it.

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  1. I miss those days! Not the cat poop part cuz That’s why we don’t have cats. But I really miss those days. That’s why I always volunteer to watch my cousins (same age as yours) they are something else but I love them. The little girl is all about her and the little boy is WILD, and they throw blows all the time. But I still rather deal with them than my teens.

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