Why You Must Use Adult Coloring Books

I am obsessed with adult coloring books. Obsessed meaning I have at least 20 of them and look for new ones on the regular. Awhile back I had seen this fad beginning and really thought it was ridiculous. Coloring is for kids, right?

Going through a crazy time in my life, I was looking for anything that could take the stress and anxiety away. Adult coloring books are supposed to relieve that stress. So I bought one and a pack of colored pencils. Once I received it, I took a moment for myself and started to color. At first, it seemed childish to me. I was using my free time to color when I realistically and spent hours doing the same with my children earlier in the day, but this was different.

As a person, I need to have everything in order. I schedule my life months in advance and expect everything to go the way I want it to. Routines are a must and there is no room for variance. As a mom, I know this is a dream that will never come true.

Adult coloring books allow me to color in the lines. I choose the colors, the picture and in a world of chaos, I get to have some order. It sounds insane, this I know. Can you imagine a grown woman coloring every chance she gets? That’s me and I must say, my stress disappears for a little awhile. Add some soft music and a cold mug of Miller Lite and I am in my zone.

Some of the adult coloring books I have purchased were great prices but not the quality. You get what you pay for. The Dollar Tree coloring books are no good, the pages are way too thin. What I did for you, if you are looking for some great options, is make up a list of 5 of my favorite coloring books I have purchased.

I also recommend the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72-Count but any color pencil, pen or marker will work too!

Happy coloring and if you have an adult coloring book that you Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72-Count love, share it in the comments below, I am always looking for a new one.

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