Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

My stomach dropped and my heart almost stopped as we pulled up to the parking lot of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The height up the mountain was daunting and my fear of heights was catching up to me. Reluctantly I paid my 5$ parking fee and knew I must conquer this fear. A bus picked us up and we headed to the tram visitor center. img_7292


A short wait in line and I was able to pick up my tickets. Trams were making trips every 10 minutes and everyone was eager to get aboard. As the doors to the tram opened and everyone piled in, I found myself a spot in the middle, holding on to one of the poles for dear life. We started on our way up the hill, the floor started to turn so that everyone was able to see 365 degrees of beauty. Windows were open which really helped with the claustrophobia.

Each tower passed gave the tram a good swing and by tower 3 you could feel the drastic temperature change outside. I have to admit, my husband was the one snapping pictures and having the time of his life, I would give a quick glance, close my eyes and hope not to vomit. By the time we made it to the top, I was ready for a cold beverage and some food! Lucky for me there a few choices for that.


A cozy bar, a restaurant and a made to order walk through were all great choices. Food was hot, delicious and just what we needed. Tables were clean, area was family friendly and all staff were very accommodating. Even though I don’t like heights, the views were breathtaking, best sights I have ever seen while eating a savory lunch.

There were beautiful vantage points everywhere around mountain station and lots of trails to hike as well as rocks to climb. If you are not into hiking, which we are not, it was very relaxing to sit outside on a bench and breath in the fresh crisp air. It is chilly up top so I would recommend wearing layers.

img_7294While walking around the mountain center, we noticed a museum and movie theater. Sitting in on the movie was a great treat. It had lots of facts about the tramway and was so interesting to see the changes they have made through the years. The tram was built using not a single dollar of tax payers money and only took 2 years to complete. It opened in 1963 and then was revamped to the new rotating tram cars in the year 2000. Palm Springs Tramway has the highest vertical ascent in the world! img_7305

Our wait for the tram heading down was just as quick as catching one up. As beautiful as our day was, It was nice to have my feet back on the ground, at a lower elevation. img_7339 This experience is not one I will soon forget and absolutely recommend you take this adventure as well. I also think this would be a wonderful gift to give to a couple or family alike. You can visit for more information and to purchase your tickets to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Special thanks to Greg Purdy for allowing Shining Thoughts Blog to experience this “8th wonder of the world”!

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