Its Payday, Your Going To Want This For Your Next Adventure- Garmin

Most of us have smartphones or vehicles that contain a gps system. This seems like a wonderful advantage but there are some disadvantages to these options. These disadvantages are significant enough to cause me to purchase a portable gps system.

  • Battery life- I hate when my phone gets below 50% and using its GPS system causes the battery to drain very quickly.
  • When you are using your car gps, you almost always have to take it in to the dealer to have them update it before any car trip. Not only is this time consuming, its very expensive.
  • Not being able to play games on my phone or surf the web without being interrupted by the gps unit is very annoying.
  • Most gps car units use the same screen as your radio. I don’t know about y’all but I enjoy seeing who is singing “that” song on the radio and not having to switch back and forth.

    My choice

After so much research and checking all online retailers, I opted for the Garmin nuvi 67LM 6″ 010-01399-01 Essential Series 2015 GPS Navigation System w Lifetime Maps Portable Friction Mount Bundle. I purchased it from Amazon because the price was the lowest and I love Amazon’s return policy.

I have now had this system for about 2 months and it does everything that I need it too. There are a few bells and whistles such as beeping once when you are going above the speed limit as well as when you are entering a school zone. It shows upcoming restaurants and gas stations as well as you can change your vehicle from a car to a truck. This system comes with free lifetime updates which is a must with so much construction going on throughout the U.S.

Overall I absolutely recommend this Garmin gps for your next adventure!

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