Positive Reward System While Vacationing

I have spent so much time on our upcoming road trip. Making sure that I have dont everything I can to ensure a fun and educational experience for everyone going. I especially made sure that I planned accordingly for my little ones. In our past vacations, there was two main issues we encountered and I would like to think that most parents with young kids encounter the same. For this road trip, I decided to come prepared!

The first issue that I knew I had to try to solve was being loud in the hotel. After a really long day on the road or out exploring, my children would get into a hotel and bounce off the walls. Touching everything, laughing loudly and banging on whatever they could. My fear was that we would be kicked out of the hotel and have nowhere to sleep.

What I have come up with is a hotel reward bag. Each night they will be reminded of how they should behave in the hotel and if they are well behaved, the next morning they will receive their reward bag. These bags can contain anything your child would be excited to receive. I chose to put a toy blind bag, a piece of sugar free candy and a small party favor. Each day will be a little different and the last day of the vacation will be an extra special surprise.

My children are at an age where they are trying their best to show us that they are the rulers of the world. They make every attempt to get their way and throw fits when it doesn’t happen. I knew this was going to be an issue on our vacation and decided I needed a general reward system. I printed out some fake money and filled up three bags deemed the treasure chests. When the children do something kind or are acting appropriately, they will receive a certain number of monies. Each treasure chest will have a value, in which they will have to pay to pick something out of it.


I made money values of $1,$2 & $5 and a trip into the treasure chests are 10$, 25$ & 50$. You can have your child make a wallet before hand or they have some great choices on Amazon. My treasure chests are filled with items that they can play with at rest stops or in the car and all of them are things they have really wanted. I purchased most of these items on Amazon but the Dollar Tree would be a wonderful place to fill the bags for cheap.

Road trips can be a spectacular experience that everyone remembers for a lifetime. They can also be trying at times, especially with young ones. Try to keep things fun and always listen to your childrens cue’s. These reward systems will help but sometimes they just need a moment to themselves, give them plenty of time to play, run and make their own memories.

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