Repurposed Wood Serving Trays- DIY

On one of my recent yard sale mornings, I found a couple of wood serving trays. The owner had started painting them and honestly I have no idea the look she was going for.  She apparently didn’t see her vision coming together since she was selling them without finishing them. I saw potential in these rejected projects so I picked both of them up for 6$! That’s a yard sale deal if I have ever seen one.


First thing I did when I got these gems home was give them a quick sand down. Then I painted a layer of white on the inside, I liked the black and green on the outside so I let that be. After sleeping on it I decided that I would use these to make a Halloween and a Christmas tray.

I have been wanting to create a serving tray or plate to put out for the holidays and these  fit that mold perfectly. I had pondered doing my children’s hand prints and designing around them but that has been done. So I decided to incorporate my family but in a way that only we would understand.

The Halloween tray was so much fun to design. When I think of Halloween, besides the candy, pumpkins are the first thing that come to mind. I painted four pumpkins representing my family, two with bow ties and two with hair bows. A fence for them to sit on and a night sky filled with stars and a bright yellow moon. The bright green, that was painted when I purchased them, made the entire scene pop! I finished it off with the year and two coats of glossy varnish to keep it from chipping.


My Christmas tray may be my favorite of the two. It features four pine tree’s which signify myself, my husband and my children. The lights are in each of our favorite colors and have the year on the bottom. I did light blue snowflakes and added the phrase, Let it Snow. I find this to be absolutely adorable and love the uniqueness that comes with hand painting them myself.


These trays will more then likely just be used as decorations but if I do serve food on them, it will be food that can be wiped away when i’m done. These are not dishwasher safe and although i’m sure it would be alright if a little water got on them, I don’t recommend it.


If you would like to see more holiday crafts, check out our DIY posts and our Here comes the holidays posts. They are all jam packed with wonderful ideas and how to’s. We would love to hear from you and which serving tray you like most, leave us a comment below to give us your opinion. Thanks for stopping by.

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