Sea World San Diego- A New Experience in 2017

Since I was a child one of my favorite places to visit has been Sea World. The experience is always magical and memorable. When I heard about all of the new attractions opening this summer at Sea World San Diego, I knew I had to go!

We arrived at the park right when it opened and rushed over to ride Submarine Quest, the newest adventure ride. Unfortunately it was shut down. We checked back throughout the day and when it finally did open the wait time was over 2 hours. Needless to say, we did not wait in the line.
Other new rides such as the Aqua Scout, Tentacle Twirl and the Sea Dragon Drop were fun for our little ones. I would describe this area as one for ages 3-7. Wait times were not long for us since we were there so early but as we re visited the area throughout the day, the lines did increase.

Also in this new area was eel’s, octopus and crab. There were fun tunnels that the children could crawl through and emerge inside a dome. This gave them a 360 degree view of the inside of the tank. It is always a fun moment watching your children’s eyes light up with amazement.

One of the many things that I love about Sea World is the education you receive about sea life. The new Orca Encounter Show gives you facts about the whales and allows you to view these majestic animals at the same time. I feel privileged that myself and my children’s love and knowledge of Orca’s and other sea animals has grown with each visit to Sea World. Personally I cannot wait to see what else they have in store.

The dolphin encounter is perfect for children and adults alike to view them swimming. They are such a playful species. The seals are also a wonderful animal to engage with through feeding or just talking too. Both of my children are still talking about how close they were to these animals and the moments they shared laughing will be one of my favorite memories.

San Diego Sea World has such an easy layout with very little, if any, back tracking. There are loops in which you can see everything in the park if you just follow the map. With San Diego having some of the best weather in California, it was a pleasure walking around and enjoying the sunshine. Check out this park map on the Sea World website to plan your route ahead of time. Sea World San Diego Map

This summer they are offering a night-time atmosphere, including glow shows, a live DJ and lots of black lights. I must say that even after a long day in the park, my entire family was pumped up to dance and sing. Our children wore clothing that glowed in the lights around the park which made them feel really special. Sea World also sales many different items to help you glow with the night. The night-time shows were all spectacular and also popular. If you are wanting to catch one of these shows, be early to make sure you have a seat.

From sharks to whales and turtles too, all of the animals at Sea World San Diego offer their visitors memories, education and up close encounters that cannot be had through a television. To purchase your tickets to the park visit their website at Sea World San Diego Tickets

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  1. We just moved to San Diego in September and have yet to go to Sea World (I’ve been pregnant for pretty much the entire time we’ve lived here haha). I’m hoping we can go later this year once our daughter is a little bit bigger. But we’ve heard really good things about it! 🙂

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