SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego has been a favorite of my family for many years. From the hands on exhibits to the amazing shows and wonderful viewing areas, it’s a must do for any family. We were recently able to take our children as a follow up to a week’s worth of lessons of the ocean. I was so amazed to hear my children reciting to me what they had learned at home and how they were able to apply that to the new knowledge they were gaining by being surrounded by these magnificent creatures.

When planning your day to SeaWorld, purchase your tickets online for a discount. Also look into the interactive experiences that are a small fee extra. You can swim with dolphins or belugas, take a private tour or spend time with the penguins. All of which are wonderful experiences for you to enhance your trip.

A Day At SeaWorld San Diego

Enter the park and you will feel the excitement and wonder coming from all of the children and adults. Place your hand in a pool of Cleaner fish and watch as they gather around to eat off the dead skin off your hands and arms. imageIt is daunting at first because you don’t know how it will feel but the small tickle is well worth the smooth hands that emerge. imageThere are also pools of sharks and crabs that you can reach in and feel. Standing around the pools are educated staff that can answer any questions you might have about any of the animals. If you have ever wondered what a baby shark looks like while developing in its sack, SeaWorld has a tank set up where you can see inside of the sacks. It’s amazing watching the little ones move inside. I was fascinated by this exhibit!

SeaWorld has a beautiful viewing area for you to see the majestic Orcas. Their color is mesmerizing, my children would never be able to see this beautiful species up close, if it were not for SeaWorld. imageWatch them swim from up above or down below. You can also catch the Shamu show, where a trainer will teach you facts about Orcas, all of this while you get to gaze at one or more of them from your seat.

When you get hot and crave a cool down, find one of the water rides. All of which are a ton of fun! There is also a splash pad for the little ones. It definitely can get warm and sometimes all you need is a quick splash to get you re-energized.

Dolphin and sea otters are a highlight because they are so active and playful. Everyone that stands around admiring the dolphins has a moment of wow and the otters bring out an awe in even the toughest of grown men. The Manta Rays are spectacular and hands on. Feed them or just glide your hand along their back. Listen to the employee as he uses his microphone to spout all the information you could ever want about them.

Head over to the sea lions for a chorus of barks. This is my husband’s favorite part of the park so we spend way too much time laughing and staring at these animated creatures.image Also, Don’t forget to head into the shark lagoon where you can walk through a tunnel where you are surrounded by sharp teeth and large fins. There are plenty of aquariums to mosey through and see fish like piranha and blue tang’s.image

When your feet need a rest, find a show you would like to watch. All of them are well choreographed and show just how smart and fun these animals are. imageOur favorite is the Sea Lions Live Show. Biff is a hilarious host and the animals are so talented. Make sure to get there early if you want a seat up close, they fill up fast.

I am well aware that these animals come from the wild, they were not put on earth to live in cages or tanks. I also know that my love for the ocean and conservation began at SeaWorld. It is an amazing and unique place where I can sit my children on a bench in front of any of these amazing animals and teach them all the spectacular facts about them. Seeing my children’s faces light up when they can go point out the shell on a sea turtle and the blow hole on a real life dolphin is amazing. Hearing the sounds that a beluga makes and watching a penguin eat his lunch are all memories my children will be able to talk about and remember for their lifetime. Without Sea World, none of this would be possible. My children and yours would have to learn out of a book or on a movie.


imageIf we had more questions about a certain animal or topic, there was always a very knowledgeable staff member nearby to answer for us. My children came away with more knowledge than I could have ever hoped for. SeaWorld is a must do field trip for home school children and families alike. I thank SeaWorld and all their staff for their efforts in conservation and care of these beautiful animals and I hope they will be around for a long time.

Keep a look out for our oceans lesson plan ideas, being posted at the end of this week! For More information about Sea World, visit their website at

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