Conversation Heart Planter Decorations- Valentines DIY

Conversation Heart Planter Decorations- Valentines DIY

Even though I love Valentine’s day, I don’t have many decorations to help celebrate. This lead me to brainstorm simple DIY crafts for myself and my children. Since I buy everything on Amazon, I checked to see what kind of craft supplies I could purchase from them. Another wonderful thing about shopping Amazon is that I don’t have to pay 10 cents for a bag!

So for this craft, I had some of the items already but i’m going to post the link to all the items needed. Some may vary in size from what I used to make mine but all equally as cute!

5 Wooden Heart Shapes
Silver Ribbon
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set
Woodsies Dowels
Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Paint Markers

The first thing I did was paint all of the hearts, 2 coats of paint on the front and 1 coat on the back. This was the most time consuming just because you have to wait for paint to dry. Make sure you also do a single coat around the outside of the heart. Also at this time you can paint a coat of white paint or color of your preference on the dowels.

Next I used a paint marker to do a stitch border around the perimeter of the heart. I also cut my ribbon to a 6 inch length. Cut as many as you have hearts.

This part was tricky, at the time that I made these I did not have a red paint marker so I had to freehand it. I would have prefered to have the paint marker because its so much easier to write, obviously. This is also a good time to get your hot glue gun warmed up and ready to go. The bows are just folded over making two loops and two drops of hot glue lock the loops in place. You can also cut your ribbon longer if you want to actually tie your bow.

I painted a coat of sealer on it since I will have mine outside and it will keep it fresh for years to come. Just make sure your letters are dry before you paint the sealer on. One of mine was still wet and I didn’t realize it. Made a bit of a smudge.

Now it’s time to glue them all together. Make sure not to burn yourself with the hot glue gun. It seems like I do everytime I use it!

Now all you have to do is use them to decorate your planters, maybe a vase full of them or wrap one up on a gift. We used ours in pots outside and they look so adorable. So simple and so much fun to have some crafting time.