A Letter To My Child’s Future Teacher

A Letter To My Child’s Future Teacher

To our child’s future teacher

Our child will soon be starting school with you as her teacher.

From the moment we heard our little ones heartbeat, we have been taking every precaution to keep her safe. As a family, we have made sacrifices, upon sacrifices to keep me home with our children. I personally have been there, by her side for every milestone, every accomplishment, every giggle and every cry. I have done my best to make every day her best day ever.

Everything that she knows, she has learnt from her father and I. Now we must share the torch with someone we don’t know. Someone that we have to trust our daughter’s life with. When I drop her off at school in the morning, to the time I pick her up, you will get her laughs and cries, you will get her smiles and her frowns. She will look up to you for guidance as well as direction and we have to trust that you will give her your best.

What I want you to know is that she is a star. She can add sprinkles to even the dullest of days.  I need you to understand that she is unbelievably smart and even though you are her teacher, if you take the time, she will teach you as well.

Please love her, never let her feel un-supported and always make her feel safe. We are counting on you. We are trusting you and praying that you wont let us, or her, down.


Mom of a kindergartener