Travel Attire Checklist- Free Printable

When planning for vacation there are so many checklists that need to be made and done. For the most part I have always scribbled mine down on some random piece of mail that I then quickly lost and had to rewrite. For this vacation I thought it would be better to have a little more order to our chaos and create a checklist.

One of the struggles of road tripping or vacationing most places is the weather. Since you will not have your entire closet to choose from, outfits have to be chosen well when packing. My husband and I like to stay at hotels that have a laundry room area. This allows us to bring staples like jackets and pants and wash them when they start to funk it up.

I have created a travel attire checklist that y’all can print for free and use for your next trip. It has a column for each day of the week and a column for pieces of clothing that most people wear on a daily basis. I have also left space for you to write in your own necessities. It’s very plain, no decoration, because let’s be honest, ink is not cheap and these are just going to go in the trash once you are all packed! So head over to TPT and get your FREE Travel Attire Checklist now.

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