Wanted: Mommy Soul Mate

I can remember a time in my life when everyone was my friend. Meeting new people was my speciality. Every weekend my friend circle became bigger and bigger. Then I became a mom, all of a sudden I had to be VERY choosy on who I wanted in my life because they in turn would be in my children’s life.

I had to push a lot of people out. No one seemed to be good enough to be apart of our lives. This left me with a very small group of family members and a couple of friends. It started to become very lonely but I felt like I was making the sacrifice for my children. I wanted to keep them sheltered from other’s bad habits and terrible parenting strategies.

This sounds crazy, I know that. I battle myself all the time with these views but deep down I feel like I have done the right thing. Now my children are a bit older and I know I can explain certain things to them. That means that I am able to open my circle up, slightly.

Searching for a family to be best friends with my family has been impossible. All the good families are already taken. There has to be a family out there that has the same morals, beliefs, parenting style, hobbies, etc. One that will fit perfectly with mine. Why am I having so much trouble finding them!

Meeting other mom’s is sometimes tricky, so how will I ever meet my mommy soul mate? I attend a church mom group once a week and although I have a good time, have had no luck in the friend department. My daughter attends dance classes once a week as well and instead of all of the mom’s chatting it up when their children are dancing, they are all on their cell phones.

It gets lonely having no female friends to bond with and share moments with, some things my husband just can’t relate too. I think when it comes to this search for a mommy soul mate, I am going to have to hand it to God and hope that sooner rather than later, he will deliver.

*Do you have a family that your family is close too? Where did you meet them? I would love to hear about it, comment below!

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  1. I’d say good luck with that. It’s hard, you may never find the family so you can’t be that choosie. I always found that nothing fit. Either the men and kids were ok but the mom didn’t vibe or the men didn’t vibe or have a lot in common or the parents were good but the kids were horrible. we did have a family that we were around and we all did good together but again we lived 45 minutes away (no traffic) and our kids age ranges were off my youngest was the same age as their oldest so my older kids really didn’t have kids there age they were more like babysitters, BUT they always had fun.
    In all honestly my family were the ones we choose to surround ourselves with.
    Good Luck Family hunting!!!

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