When Life Gives you Spinach…Make a Smoothie

Most of my friends and family would agree that I have the taste buds of a 4 year old. I have a very small list of things that I eat and vegetables are not on that list. I recently decided that it was time to make some changes in my life which needed to include making healthier choices. I am not ready to take pizza out of my diet but I knew small changes would get me going in the right direction.

I have read that spinach is one of the best veggies to add to your diet but there was no way I could go from not being able to look at it, to having it on my plate next to my chicken burrito. I needed to come up with a way to hide greens in my food so that I couldn’t taste them. After much research I decided that making smoothies would be the best route for me.

I jumped on Amazon and found an affordable smoothie maker the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender with 32-Oz Jar, 2 Potable 16-Oz Jars & 8-Oz Chopper (52400). I headed to the store and picked up yogurt, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, veggies and some lemonade. There are tons of smoothie recipes online to fit any taste but I have found that for my non green taste buds this works the best.

1/2 cup of liquid (lemonade, milk, water)

1/2 cup of yogurt (any flavor you choose)

1 cup of veggies (you can break it up in order to add more than one)

1 cup of fruit (you can break it up in order to add more than one)

and Blend!

Smoothie Foodie           blender smoothie






I tried many different variations and this is the one that works for me but you may like it more creamy in which case you can add more yogurt or even ice! I drink a smoothie for breakfast and lunch which makes me feel energized and full till dinner time.

I would love to hear what you have found is a good mix of fruit and veggies, so please leave them in the comments to share with all of us!

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