When Your Youngest Is No Longer A Baby

I can remember the day so clearly. I had just married my husband and someone asked us if we planned on having children. We both laughed and said “No way!!” We wanted to travel the world together and kids would not fit into that lifestyle.
A few years later, as all my friends were starting families, we both decided that children might be a good idea. I mean who was going to change our diapers when we got old if we didn’t have any kids? After trying for a year, we realized there was a problem, we were not having any luck getting pregnant. Long story short, we eventually became pregnant with our daughter and were told that we would not be able to have anymore children.


I had come to peace with only having one and as soon as I did, I was pregnant with my son. On Thanksgiving day my turkey baby was born. 19 months apart is no joke, I might even be as bold as to say that it is just as hard, if not harder than having twins! It was a rough road caring for two little ones while my husband worked hours away and my mother was occupied caring for my grandma.

My son had acid reflux, he always wanted me to be with him and would never go to sleep. There was not a day that went by that my little boy didn’t make me cry right along with him. There were plenty of struggles through his baby years including a heart murmur scare. I never thought I would survive and consistently prayed for him to grow up.


Now, my son is going to be three years old. He is just as clingy as he was from the beginning but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now instead of praying for him to grow up, I’m praying for time to slow down. He is my last child and I am coming to the realization that I will never have a baby in the house again. Everyday he is going to be just a bit older and that much closer to being a “big boy.” One day I just know I’m going to blink and he will be off running the world.

Even though I am terribly sad to say goodbye to my baby and hello to my three-year old, I have to stay positive. Every moment that I had with him up to this point has prepared me for the next. I must absorb and enjoy him at every stage of his life and that would be my advice to all of the mom’s feeling the same as I.


I must enjoy every season of life even when my youngest is no longer a baby and I must say goodbye to the baby years.

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