Wood Plank Holiday Craft, A Simple DIY

When the holidays are near, I know it’s time to start thinking about making new decorations. This year I wanted to make a large decoration for the front porch. Halloween and Thanksgiving being only a month apart, I wanted to incorporate the two of them together. My mom is an amazing crafter as well and got in on the fun with me.

I purchased two 2×4 pieces of wood and from that I was able to get four 24 inch, four 18 inch and four 12 inch pieces. Make sure to protect your work space, we used newspaper. Lay out your wood, you will use one set of 3, 1 of each size you cut. Wipe down your wood with a wet wash cloth. Prepare your paints and brushes, we used sponge brushes for the majority of the painting and smaller brushes for the small features. Then you can begin!


Both my mother and I wanted the old fashioned look, so we were not concerned with sanding the corners down or getting perfect lines on the edges. Once we complete the project, we will then sand down to the look desired. My mom chose a rustic orange and a light green to brush over her wood. I chose to paint the sides a light brown which will serve as a border between the front and back scene.


Wal-Mart.com USA, LLCFor one side of my project I chose to paint a green monster, an orange pumpkin and a white ghost, along with festive friendly faces. I free handed these faces  but there are many stencils you can print online if you want a more uniform look. As you can tell from the picture, my lines are not perfect and that is the way I intended it to be. Make sure your paint is fully dry before handling or flipping your projects.


Getting back to my mother’s design, she decided to not put faces on her pumpkins, instead she is going to use a stencil design and drill a hole in the top to glue a wood stick for the stems. Being the perfectionist that my mother is, she has not yet put anything is stone. I am sure she will be working on her design for the next coming weeks and when it is complete, I will update this blog.

I love the idea of being able to use the same decorations for numerous holidays because storage is always an issue, especially with all my awesome holiday decor! The other side of my craft will be a Thanksgiving decoration. Laying the three pieces out side by side, I free handed a turkey and the saying “It’s Fall Ya’ll.”   I had also thought about adding a pilgrim to each side of the turkey instead of the saying but I liked having the turkey as my main attraction.

After my paint dried I sanded the planks to add my rustic feel. They all look weathered and I love it! Then I painted my clear top coat to protect them from the elements, I suggest the matte finish so that it doesn’t take away from the look you’re going for.


For the base of the project I found a piece of wood in our scraps, you can really use whatever size wood you would like for your base, as long as it’s 12 inches long.  I painted mine brown which is hardly noticeable under the flowers. Since your pieces are fairly tall, use 3 to 4 inch screws to attach the planks to your bottom piece. The longer the screws, the more stable. You may also choose to use some wood glue in between the planks which will help with keeping them secure.


After I attached my planks, I surrounded the base with sunflowers and fall leaves using a hot glue gun. They have some amazing deals at Walmart right now for foliage. The final look is spectacular. I really love everything about it. Come November 1st, instead of putting it away, I will be able to turn it around and enjoy it for another month!


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