You Are Going To Want This- For Your Inner Rebel

For my first, you are going to want this, post I chose an option for your inner rebel.

Temporary Tattoo ( 9 SHEET) 2 Change the Color in The Sun+5 Sheet Metallic Gold +2 Sheet Elegant Series White Lace, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Easy To Apply and Long Lasting

You won’t find me with a skull and bones tattoo on my arm anytime soon. Needles are not my thing and I can’t think of anything I would want on my body forever but I love these temporary tattoos. Metallics, lace and coloring changing seems classy to me! As classy as a tattoo can be. I think that these are great to wear on a night out with your friends or even a date night.

Best part is you don’t have to go through painful laser treatments to remove it from your skin. You can look and feel like a rebel then go back to mom anytime you want.

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